Joint Summer Program

Joint Summer Program is designed for students who want to have international exposure and learn about financial and sharia economic. Malang is also renowned as a centre of education and tourist desitination city.

Season and Temperatures:
The average temperature in Malang was varies from 20°C – 28°C
Indonesia has two main seasons:
Dry and Rain.

What is it about?

Offers sudents to learn a coops financial system that is a kind of financial institution based on cooperation and sharia system which is only done in Indonesia. Fun outdoor activities will give students a chance to taste and experience Indonesian traditional culture. In addition, students will get many chance to meet, interact and share their experiences with Indonesian students.

STIE MALANGKUÇEÇWARA has a beautiful green campus and one of the most excellent  universities in East Java. It has accreditation A from National Accreditation Board for Higher Education, and also some awards: 8x The Best Campus stated by Coordination of Private Higher Education VII; TOP 10 Best Campus in applying Internal Quality Assurance System in Indonesia; TOP 3 Best School of economics in Indonesia, the 93rd rank of 4000 universities in Indonesia; the 55th Best accounting department of State and private universities in Indonesia; the 70th Best management department in Indonesia.

Duration : 5 days
Participants : International students
Language of Interaction: English and Indonesian.
Program Fees: USD 450
The program fees includes:

  • Pick up services
  • Accommodation (hotel)
  • Three times meals per day
  • T shirt
  • Visiting Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)
  • Visiting Coops Financial Company
  • Course material
  • Shariah financial system class
  • Visiting local tourism destinations
  • Certificate
Day Activities
DAY 1 Welcome ceremony
Sharia Accounting
Sharia Banking
DAY 2 Visit Coops Financial Company
DAY 3 Visit To SME: Topeng Malang*
Visit To SME: Kripik Tempe*
DAY 4 Outing program: Sendang biru*
DAY 5 Presentation
Closing Ceremony – Departure
* Can be replaced by other interested places