Outing Class Programmes, to Bromo and Blitar

Bromo mountain is one of the five active mountains in East Java. The students are excited enjoying sun rise from Bromo mountain.

Visiting ”Bung Karno” cemetery, the first president of Indonesia, in Blitar. There is a museum that we could see the historical heroic when he lead Indonesia.

The students also visited ” Kampong Coklat” in Blitar where they could harvest the fresh cocoa from the tree and to watch how to produce chocolate bars.

For practicing their speaking, students visited a primary school in Malang. They discussed with the head teachers and teachers and played with the students.

A group for sharing information about foods or cultures in Indonesia, students joined in Malangkucecwara International Culture Club (MICC). The members are also able to learn traditional dances through this club.

International Day was celebrated by cultures exhibition. Each country showed their culture, traditional foods, clothes, pictures of their city etc. The visitors were very excited to wear Kimono or Yukata from Japan, loved to join the Sadou, a tea ceremony; loved to eat buttered Chicken, a traditional food from India, enjoyed the beautiful pictures of Sweden view.

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